EPRO P RO System

 600 - 1,500 GPD
 99% purification
 50% recovery
EPRO ™ P systems are designed to maximize water purification efficiency and produce high-quality clean water from tap water or brackish water. Clean water is dispensed from the system’s pressurization tank for immediate use, such as in laboratory applications.
Flow RateMax Operating PressureInlet SizeMembranesNominal RecoveryMotor HP
EPRO 600P600GPD180PSI0.5"1  (2.5"x40")undefined%0.33Hp
EPRO 1200P1,200GPD180PSI0.5"2  (2.5"x40")undefined%0.5Hp
EPRO 1500P1,500GPD180PSI0.75"1  (4"x40")undefined%1Hp


  • Purification of home water supply
  • Car wash rinse water (for spot-free shine)
  • Laundries and cleaners
  • Food and beverage production, bottling
  • Pharmaceutical production/laboratories
  • Paint and assembly
  • Electronics fabrication
  • Boiler & cooling tower makeup water
  • Misting, humidification
  • Nurseries, greenhouses
  • Commercial printing

Features and Specs

  • Complete RO systems with efficient, high quality pumps, motors, and membranes for energy savings and low maintenance
  • Up to 99.4% purification rate 2 provides clean water with improved wash/rinse characteristics, reducing service cost of equipment and appliances by removing harmful chemicals and minerals
  • Up to 50% recovery rates 3 minimize water waste
  • Compact, pre-assembled design enables installation in under 2 hours, limiting start-up costs and space requirements
  • 20 gallon repressurization bladder tank (7.4 gal. draw-down)
  • Pure water dispenses from threaded tap on front panel
  • Automatic feed water shutoff valve
  • Automatic tank level control (RO refills tank)
  • Flow meters for product and discarded water
  • Liquid filled pressure gauges
  • Electronic controller with low-flow switch
  • 5 micron sediment pre-filter
  • Self-priming pump dispenses 3 GPM at 50 PSI (0.01 m 3 at 446 kPa)
  • 110/220 V 1 phase 60 Hz TEFC motor


  • Coldwater membranes (when using cold water source)
  • Digital TDS monitor on control box
  • Recycle flow meter and throttling valve
  • Permeate and auto-flush
  • Higher-volume dispensing pumps: 4 GPM at 50 PSI (0.015 m 3 at 446 kPA), 9 GPM at 30 PSI (0.034 m 3 at 308 kPa)
  • 110/220 V 1 phase 50Hz TEFC motor