EPRO Eliminator Spot-Free System

 1,500 - 20,000 GPD
 99% purification
 80% recovery
EPRO ™ Eliminator water purification systems are essential for spot-free carwashes and applications where purified water is needed. Available models offer a wide range of flow rates and configurations, producing clean output from tap or brackish water.
Flow RateMax Operating PressureInlet SizeMembranesNominal RecoveryMotor HP
EPRO Eliminator I1,500GPD180PSI0.75"1  (4"x40")25%1Hp
EPRO Eliminator II3,000GPD180PSI0.75"2  (4"x40")40%1Hp
EPRO Eliminator III4,500GPD180PSI0.75"3  (4"x40")40%1.5Hp
EPRO Eliminator IV6,000GPD180PSI0.75"1  (4"x40")50%1.5Hp
EPRO Eliminator V8,000GPD180PSI1"5  (4"x40")50%3Hp
EPRO Eliminator VI10,000GPD180PSI1"6  (4"x40")60%3Hp
EPRO Eliminator Ix23,000GPD180PSI0.75"2  (4"x40")25%1Hp
EPRO Eliminator IIx26,000GPD180PSI0.75"4  (4"x40")40%1Hp
EPRO Eliminator IIIx29,000GPD180PSI0.75"6  (4"x40")40%1.5Hp
EPRO Eliminator IVx212,000GPD180PSI0.75"8  (4"x40")50%1.5Hp
EPRO Eliminator Vx216,000GPD180PSI1"10  (4"x40")50%3Hp
EPRO Eliminator VIx220,000GPD180PSI1"12  (4"x40")60%3Hp


  • Carwash rinse water (for spot-free shine)
  • Laundries and cleaners
  • Food and beverage production, bottling
  • Paint and assembly
  • Electronics fabrication
  • Nurseries, greenhouses
  • Commercial printing

Features and Specs

  • Automatic feed water shutoff valve
  • Stainless steel centrifugal pump
  • Flow meters for product and discarded water
  • Liquid-filled pressure gauges
  • 5 micron sediment pre-filter
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic or Stainless Steel pressure vessels
  • Concentrate control valve
  • 110 V or 220 V single phase TEFC 60 Hz motor


  • Auto flush
  • Electronic control with low flow switch
  • Digital TDS monitor
  • Recycle flow meter and valve
  • Coldwater and high efficiency membranes
  • 220 V single phase 50Hz motor
  • 220 V 3-phase 60Hz motor