EPRO Commercial RO System

 31,680 - 144,000 GPD
 99% purification
 80% recovery
This is EPRO’s Commercial RO system used in many application that require up to 86,400 GPD.
Flow RateMax Operating PressureInlet SizeMembranesNominal RecoveryMotor HP
EPRO 1150011,500GPD200PSI1.5"7  (4"x40")40%5Hp
EPRO 1300013,000GPD200PSI1.5"8  (4"x40")45%5Hp
EPRO 1450014,500GPD200PSI1.5"9  (4"x40")50%5Hp
EPRO 1600016,000GPD200PSI1.5"10  (4"x40")50%5Hp
EPRO 1750017,500GPD200PSI1.5"11  (4"x40")50%5Hp
EPRO 1900019,000GPD200PSI1.5"12  (4"x40")50%7.5Hp
EPRO 2050020,500GPD200PSI1.5"13  (4"x40")50%7.5Hp
EPRO 2150021,500GPD200PSI1.5"14  (4"x40")50%7.5Hp
EPRO 2300023,000GPD200PSI1.5"15  (4"x40")70%7.5Hp
EPRO 2450024,500GPD200PSI1.5"16  (4"x40")70%7.5Hp


  • 380V/50Hz/208-240V 60Hz 3P
  • Anti-Scalant Dosing System
  • De-Chlorination Dosing System
  • Acid Dosing System
  • pH Elevation Dosing System
  • pH Monitor/Controller
  • ORP Monitor/Controller
  • “Cold Water” Membranes
  • Recycle Flow Transmitter Digital
  • Nanofiltration Membranes are Available
  • High Pressure Switch
  • Fully Crated for Shipping